Running during pregnancy


When you find out you are pregnant, questions flood to your mind about every aspect of life – eating, sleeping, medication, travel and more. But if you are a runner, you find yourself asking many more questions. “Is it safe for me to run during pregnancy?” Always consult with your doctor or midwife about any … Continue Reading


Never shake your baby!


Having a new baby is a happy time, and also one that can be full of mixed emotions. Even in the best circumstances bringing a baby home changes a family’s schedule with things like sleeping, eating and other activities of daily life. Did you know that many baby’s go through a period of increased crying … Continue Reading


Losing Your Post-Baby Weight – Small Changes Go a Long Way


Post pregnancy, many moms want to get back to their pre-baby bodies. Oftentimes, that’s easier said than done – especially if you have a newborn, multiple kids, and a full-time job. Small changes go a long way. And you don’t have to spend hours a day at the gym or cook extravagant meals from scratch. … Continue Reading


Flu Shots and Pregnancy – What You Need to Know


It’s that time of year again: flu season. While the thought of getting a flu vaccine may be an afterthought to most people, women who are pregnant or have recently delivered may have questions about the best approach to combat the flu. Did you know that being pregnant, you are at a higher risk for more … Continue Reading

Baby’s  first steps

Baby Steps: What to Expect During Baby’s First Year


Being a new parent is such a joy! So many precious moments to look forward to – first smile, laugh and, of course, the first time you hear your child call you “mom” or “dad.” But, let’s face it, being a new parent can be a bit scary too! With so many rapid changes and developments, it’s easy … Continue Reading

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