The following post by Wanda Bowker, LPN, 1 Medical/Oncology Unit, Sentara Obici Hospital, includes an original poem and illustration. Her poem “Angel Nurse,” is dedicated to her grandmother Emma Jean Tilley.

Wanda Bowker, LPN, Sentara Obici Hospital

My journey to help others began in 1992, when I started as a certified nursing assistant.  When I joined the staff at Sentara Obici Hospital, I was able to further my education through Sentara’s tuition reimbursement program and become a LPN.
Now that I am a LPN, I am continuing my education to become a nurse. All of the support I have received from my family on 1 Medical/Oncology Unit at Sentara Obici Hospital has been wonderful.

It has been my life’s work to help and care for people.  My dreams are coming true, and I just want to let everyone know, no matter how long you try, it is possible for dreams to come true. Don’t give up! I never did.

Angel Nurse

Nurses are angels that wear their heart

on their sleeve. Nurses are always there

to care for you while you wake and

while you sleep.


Nurses are angels with wings that you

can not see, they are hidden from you

and from me.


Nurses are angels with a pledge to nurse

those who are ill, no matter who they

may be, nurses care for all who are in

need, like you and me.


Nurses are angels as everyone can see

Nurses are angels at Obici…


Dedicated to my grandmother

Emma Jean Tilley

May the angels in heaven guide you on

your path to a new life.