High-Risk Lung Cancer Screening saves lives

By: ExploreHealth Content Team

Lung cancer continues to be the number 1 cause of cancer-related deaths in the United States.  Although people who have never smoked cigarettes can get lung cancer, smoking remains the most preventable cause of this disease.

The Sentara Cancer Network offers High Risk Lung Cancer Screening. Lung Screenings with low-dose computerized tomography (CT) allows those individuals determined to be at high risk the opportunity to have lung cancer detected early, when it is most treatable.


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Welcome to ExploreHealth with Sentara

We’ve launched a new digital channel and it’s called ExploreHealth with Sentara.

We’ve taken Sentara Today, a blog that has shared employee and patient stories, along with health and wellness tips, and transformed it into a new experience for Sentara customers. Our goal is to educate and inform you on the latest medical breakthroughs, health news and tips and ways to keep you and your family safe.


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New moms: Protect your posture

By Dr. Heather Dacey
Sentara Therapy Services

At first, when the babies are small, they are easy to carry or put down in order to complete household activities. Safely carrying these little ones means cradled in your arms close to the body or perhaps in a double shoulder carrying pack. While some argue the swaddle sling is best for the baby bonding, if not positioned correctly, this sling can cause significant pain and stress to the low back of the mother as well as increased stress to the baby’s back.

Once the babies get a little more mobile and older, the “new mom posture” really kicks in. The forward shoulders, hunched back, and forward head – all attempts at making dinner while answering the phone and carrying the baby on your hip. Anatomically, this means possible rotator cuff strains, upper and mid back pain, headaches and possible sciatica pain.


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