Breast cancer and lymphedema

By Brianna Simmons Sentara Therapy Services Lymphedema is swelling of the arm, breast, trunk or leg from an accumulation of lymph fluid due to a change in the lymphatic or vascular system. Women who have undergone treatment for breast cancer (including removal of lymph nodes, chemotherapy and radiation) are at particular risk for developing lymphedema with … Continue Reading


Five good reasons to get a mammogram

By Dr. Kelley Allison Sentara Cancer Network It is that time of year again when pink is everywhere, from illuminated buildings to NFL football teams to the countless walks and runs across America. And despite all the media attention surrounding Breast Cancer Awareness Month, women may be asking themselves, “Do I really need to have … Continue Reading


Your guide to a stronger and healthier back

By Dr. Raenell Williams Sentara Family Medicine Physicians Ever wonder where your strength really comes from? You probably think that it’s your arms – or maybe your legs. But, it’s actually your back! Your back stabilizes your body and is where the center of your strength originates. Unfortunately, though, chronic back pain is one of the … Continue Reading


Pack lunches the healthy way

By Rita P. Smith, MS, RD, CDE Kids are probably settled back into their school routine. Lots more reading, homework, and after school activities – the entire day really ramps up during the school year. Children of all ages need the daily energy to handle all of the goings on, as well as the essential … Continue Reading


Is that really you?


Written by Robin Crane, MBA, Customer Development Advisor, Sentara Healthcare Let’s face this.  We all like to think that we are unique, an individual like no other.  But have you ever googled yourself?  I just did.  It was a bit scary. There are 24 professionals on Linked In with my same name;  images of both women … Continue Reading


Parkinson’s Disease and Depression


By Karen M. Thomas, DO Director, Comprehensive Parkinson’s Disease & Movement Disorders Program Sentara Neurology Specialists With the tragic death of actor and comedian Robin Williams last month, the national dialogue became filled with questions about Parkinson’s disease and depression. The connection between the two conditions, however, has a long history. Over the past 15 … Continue Reading


Fruits and Veggies Vital for Recovery, Pain Management


Daniel Kean, MD,  with Sentara Physical Medicine & Pain Management Specialists in Hampton, VA is a physiatrist.  Physiatry is a branch of medicine that works to enhance and restore functional ability and quality of life to people with physical impairments or disabilities. Dr. Kean partners with patients to diagnose their issue, develop the care plan best … Continue Reading


Reducing your prostate cancer risk


By Rita P. Smith, MS, RD, CDE It’s September, and that means Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. This disease of the prostate, the gland in the male reproductive system, will account for 233,000 new prostate cases this year alone, and approximately 29,500 deaths.  It’s the second most common cancer among men. It is a typically a … Continue Reading


Benefits of cooking with herbs


By Katie Abbott MS, RDN, HC Sentara Comprehensive Weight Loss Solutions The old saying, “variety is the spice of life” holds true for many aspects of life. While eating a variety of foods with lots of colors and flavors supports a healthy lifestyle, herbs are also a powerful tool to diversify your plate and palate. For … Continue Reading


Kids and Concussions


By Scott Allyn Sentara Therapy Services Between football, soccer, field hockey and gym class, there is a lot of fun and team building to be had now that kids are back to school. While your children may idolize those hard hits on the gridiron and big plays on the field by watching their favorite professional … Continue Reading

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