Sentara Commitments: Always Keep You Safe joycefinley0406001542

Recently Joyce Finley, administrative associate in the Emergency Department at Sentara Port Warwick, was registering a mom and her child to be seen in the Emergency Department. As Joyce began to register the child, she took the time to question what she thought was a suspicious sounding cough coming from the woman’s other young child.

“It sounded like a motor was running in the young boy’s chest,” she recalled.

Although the mother initially planned to register only one of her two children to be seen that day, Joyce thoughtfully asked the mother if she wanted to register both children, to take a closer look at that cough.

At first the mother was hesitant, but after some probing from Joyce, she relented. Turns out, unbeknownst to the mother, the toddler had swallowed a quarter! The child was then seen as a patient in the Emergency Department and then transported to Children’s Hospital of The King’s Daughters to have the quarter safely removed from the boy.

Joyce Finley’s attention to detail helped change what may have been a potential health problem for the young child.

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