Submitted by Lee Gwaltney, manager of Digital Innovation at Sentara Healthcare.

It’s that time of the year again.

We all come across articles, news stories and the like about resolutions for the new year and yes, we usually sense the need to make changes in our personal lives, especially our health.

One of the newer topics that fits right into this genre of “new year” stuff is mHealth, the term for anything mobile and health-related. Smart phones, mobile apps and the mobile channel overall are driving innovation across the marketplace and certainly when it comes to getting healthy.

Using a smartphone app to get or stay healthy is not new anymore. There are now hundreds of mobile apps for the top phones that help track diet and exercise or help remind us to take our medications – just check out the app stores for your smart phone.

One of the more interesting trends, however, is the use of devices that connect to your smart phone or smart “device” which includes tablets and the like, too.

Recently, at the annual event hosted by the Consumer Electronics Association, a number of companies showcased their latest mHealth inventions. Fitness devices that track physical activity continue to be popular and the best part is that many connect wirelessly to an app on a smart phone or device to see the information in ways that are easy to view and understand.

Some have similar information displayed on a website, but the best part about a mobile device, especially smart phones, is that it’s always with you. This makes it much easier to keep up with getting healthy and staying connected.

So what are you waiting for?

Now there are tools and information that can go wherever you are. Make your new year a healthier one. Check out the latest gadget to help you get healthy…and don’t forget the smart phone that goes with it.

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Lee Gwaltney is the Manager of Digital Innovation at Sentara, overseeing digital (web and mobile) strategy and has a passion for Sentara’s mission to improve health every day in the digital space.