The CEO Award is the highest form of recognition a project team can receive within Sentara. The award recognizes teams who have overcome significant barriers to achieve dramatic improvements in cost savings, revenue growth, quality and service. The projects and team members selected for this honor are held in high regard and serve as role models for the entire Sentara Healthcare family.

RMH Central Sterile Services Surgical Case Cart Team used LEAN methodology to evaluate the case cart preparation process. By working closely with surgical services staff and surgeons, the team identified defects and opportunities and implemented significant improvements in the cart preparation process. Their efforts resulted in a reduction in the percentage of cases with improperly process instrumentation from 15 percent to less than three percent; a reduction of instrument defects from 0.57/1000 to 0.04/1000; and realized an increase in the CSS MOT Work Environment Index from 64 percent to 76 percent.

CEO Award - Central Sterile (edited)(L-R): Howard Kern, Sentara Healthcare President & COO is pictured with team members: Malcolm Furrow, Lead Central Sterile Tech; Amy Moats, Specialty Coordinator Sterile Tech; Karen Lacek, Manager, Central Sterile; Tamlyn Ogden, Business Manager, Perioperative Services; Judith Trumbo, Director, Organizational Excellence & Interim Director, Perioperative Services; Lori Gravely, Director, Materials Management; Janice Gregg, Process Manager, Organizational Excellence; Jim Krauss, RMH President & Sentara Corporate Vice President.


Human Resources Performance Management Procedures (PMP) and Leadership Performance Plan (LPP) Lean Process Team redesigned the system-wide Sentara PMP/LPP process using Lean concepts. The team transitioned the employee evaluation process from a cumbersome manual practice to a streamlined electronic operation. Using internal resources and with customer involvement and focus, the team reduced process steps by 45 percent. Delivery of paper forms from 178 physical locations was eliminated along with more than 1.2 million pieces of paper, saving Sentara approximately $45,000 per year.


(L-R): Joanne Conaty, Vice President for Employee Relations; Anna Farach, Business Analyst – HRIS; Lorinda Hughes, Human Resources Associate; Michelle Jones, Human Resources Specialist; Dawn Palo, Human Resources Manager. Presenting the award is Sentara Healthcare CEO Dave Bernd.


340B Medications Management Team began in 2004 with the initial participation of Sentara Norfolk General Hospital in the 340B Drug Pricing Program. Since that time, the 340B Medications Management team has expanded to include portions of Sentara Medical Group, Optima and five additional Sentara hospitals. The team has overcome significant legal and regulatory hurdles, to achieve a total cost savings to Sentara of more than $29 million.

CEO Awards 2012 340 Medications Mgmt Team JPG(L-R): Randy Ricker, Director of Government Programs; Tim Colligan, Director of Pharmacy Managed Care; Tim Jennings, Vice President System Pharmacy; Don Durkee, Director of Pharmacy Operations; Jennifer Varbero, Manager Government Programs; Eddie Gutshall, Manager, Pharmacy; Teresa Riddick, Finance Consultant; and Chandra Hubbard-Wright, Manager of Patient Care Services. Presenting the award is Sentara Healthcare CEO Dave Bernd.


Emergency Medicine Clinical Effectiveness Council (CEC) has strengthened the delivery of care in Sentara. They have transformed the Sentara emergency departments from a silo mentality to a unified Sentara Emergency Department (ED) team. As a team, the Emergency Medicine CEC has defined, designed and supported the implementation of processes that improve quality, patient safety and satisfaction. The results this team has achieved include a reduction in the ESI 4 and 5 average length of stay from 114 minutes in 2009 to 77 minutes in 2012; a reduction in the average length of stay for all “Treat and Release patients from 158 minutes to 131 minutes in 2012; reduced the number of patients leaving without being seen by 50 percent and those leaving against medical advice by 44 percent. More than 50 individuals from ten hospital EDs and five free-standing EDs were recognized with the CEO Award.

 CEO Awards 2012 Emergency Medicine CEC

(L-R): Terrie Edwards, SLH President; Dr. Moss Mendelson, eCare Medical Director; Alisa Petrauskas, Director of Patient Care Services; Dr. Josh Smith, Medical Director; Joani Brough, Director of Ambulatory Surgery Center; Steve Porter, SPAH President; and Dr. Gene Burke, Vice President and Executive MD for Clinical Effectiveness. Presenting the award is Sentara Healthcare CEO Dave Bernd.



Sentara System Stroke Team developed a standardized stroke program that was implemented at 10 Sentara hospitals and was selected by VHA as a Leading Best Practice. The results included a reduction in system wide stroke mortality from 11 percent in 2008 to five percent in 2012; a reduction in average length of stay by two days between 2008 and 2012 with an associated cost savings of $1.1 million 2012 YTD and increased Stroke Core Metric performance from 54.9 percent of goal met in 2009 to 92.1 percent of goals met in 2012 YTD.

CEO Awards Stroke Team 2012 JPG 

(L-R): Dr. Richard Zweifler, Sentara Medical Group; Kristen Schaible, Nurse Clinician; Ashley Clary, Director of Patient Care Services; Debra Hall, Nurse Specialist; Sabrina Bethune, Nurse Clinician; Sue Fibish, Nurse Clinician; Angella Lott, Quality Improvement Nurse; Sandy Karam, Clinical Nurse Specialist; and Patty Ver Schneider, Senior Information Analytics Specialist. Presenting the award is Sentara Healthcare CEO Dave Bernd.