Like an estimated 100 million Americans, Elizabeth Firestone struggles with chronic pain. The American Academy of Pain Management estimates that pain affects more Americans than diabetes, heart disease and cancer combined.  firestone

Firestone made an appointment with Sentara Pain Management Services and began seeing physician specialist Dr. Maria Nguyen with Sentara Medical Group.  Dr. Nguyen is board-certified in anesthesiology and pain medicine and completed an anesthesiology residency and fellowship training in pain medicine.

“We clicked,” says Firestone of her experience with Dr. Nguyen. “It was nice having someone who listened and heard what was going on with my body.”

The New Sentara Comprehensive Pain Management Center at Sentara Princess Anne Hospital
The Sentara Comprehensive Pain Management Center at Sentara Princess Anne Hospital brings together physician specialist Dr. Maria Nguyen, extensively trained therapists and advanced imaging technology under one roof in the 1975 Medical Office building. Sentara is creating a “neighborhood” of care where patients benefit from care coordination across the continuum of services available.

Firestone appreciates the focus on communication and patient-centric approach to patient care. “My doctors talk to one another and access the same information so I’m relieved of remembering to tell them all of the treatment details – that’s such a help.”

Pain Management Services at Sentara
The goal of Sentara Pain Management Specialists is to reduce pain and increase a patient’s function and comfort – also leading to improved sleep, coping skills and reducing their stress. Physicians and therapists recognize the complex and highly personal nature of chronic pain and collaborate to create individual plans that treat the needs of each patient.

“Sometimes there’s a stigma attached to pain management because people think the only option is pain medication and narcotics,” says Dr. Nguyen. “In fact, we offer patients a variety of treatments. Physical therapy, nutritional counseling, psychological support and injections – and if things don’t improve as much as we hope then some patients may be candidates for spine surgery.”

Sentara Pain Management Services offers this interdisciplinary approach to chronic pain management at locations throughout Hampton Roads.

Firestone says she appreciates staff working with her schedule and coordinating appointments on the same day when possible. And she isn’t the only one in her family benefitting from her treatment for chronic pain. “I’m able to do more with my kids because I don’t have the pain I had before treatment,” Firestone says with a smile.

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