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I am a corporate communications consultant for Sentara, engaged in telling our community benefit story as well as working with Sentara Medical Group and Sentara College of Health Sciences. I am also a mom, photographer and social media addict. You can follow my Tweets at

Pollen, dust mites and pet dander! Oh, my!

Families struggling with the spring allergy season have a high-tech tool in the battle. The telehealth service, called Sentara MDLIVE, offers patients easy and immediate access to a team of board-certified physicians licensed in the state of Virginia, via Webcam, phone or email. These doctors can diagnose allergies and prescribe necessary medications during the “virtual … Continue Reading


Holiday gatherings may stir Alzheimer’s concerns

 Know the Warning Signs of Alzheimer’s Disease By Melissa Hunter, Psy.D. & Bethany Gilstrap, Psy.D. The holiday season is a time families gather and spend quality time with loved ones. It is also a time that can raise questions about the cognitive health of aging family members. With Alzheimer’s disease in particular, it is important … Continue Reading


Hampton Roads Allergy Sufferers Can Log on for Relief

Sentara MDLIVE Helps Families Cope with Allergies this Spring Allergy season has arrived, bringing telltale yellow pollen-covered cars and a battle against itchy eyes and runny noses. The 2013 Asthma and Allergy Foundation of American ranks two Virginia cities (Virginia Beach and Richmond) among the top 22 cities in the US in their “Spring 2013 … Continue Reading


Vegan diet heart smart way to lose weight

If Scott Coryea is a little too enthusiastic about the vegan diet, he apologizes. It’s only because it improved his life. Sentara Cardiologist Gunadhar Panigrahi introduced Coryea to the vegan diet in 2012. “Dr. Panigrahi told me I was going to eventually need a heart transplant. Weight has always been a challenge for me. I’m … Continue Reading


Old friends and new hope


Betty Slagle’s face lights up when she sees Pamela Witt, clinic coordinator at Western Tidewater Free Clinic in Suffolk. “She’s my buddy,” says Slagle, a Carrollton resident. The two have known each other for three decades, meeting when Witt worked for another health organization and cared for Slagle’s ill mother-in-law. Little did Slagle know that … Continue Reading


Solutions for chronic pain


Like an estimated 100 million Americans, Elizabeth Firestone struggles with chronic pain. The American Academy of Pain Management estimates that pain affects more Americans than diabetes, heart disease and cancer combined.   Firestone made an appointment with Sentara Pain Management Services and began seeing physician specialist Dr. Maria Nguyen with Sentara Medical Group.  Dr. Nguyen … Continue Reading


Jumping eagerly into the workforce


Janice Williams, team coordinator for environmental services at Sentara CarePlex Hospital, remembers when she met Robert “Joey” Petrie through Project SEARCH, a program that helps people ages 18 to 21 with disabilities gain job skills. “He was eager to work hard, fit in and be liked. Plus, he knew what he wanted,” says Williams, who … Continue Reading

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Foundation grant makes life “sweeter” at Union Mission


While some men would be tempted to focus on how bad their luck was if they lost a job and didn’t feel well, Ronald Bascom isn’t one of them. His job loss earlier this year eventually led him to the Union Mission and its wellness program, funded partially by a $30,000 Sentara Health Foundation grant. … Continue Reading


Sentara/MDLIVE partnership in virtual medicine


Sentara/MDLIVE partnership to create a new model for virtual access for healthcare. Sentara vice presidents Grace Hines and Ken Krakaur have been working hard with a team of Sentara employees to create a unique partnership in virtual medicine. We wanted to find out more about our partner, MDLIVE, and what this partnership means for how … Continue Reading

nurse scrubs

Nurse and Cheerleader


Degree in hand, and two new titles: Nurse and cheerleader. Lori Bannon doesn’t want what happened to her happening to anyone else: Overlooking nursing as a career. “I wish someone had mentioned nursing when I was 18,” she shared recently. “I had done well in chemistry and got a degree in that. It wasn’t until … Continue Reading

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