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I am a native of Virginia Beach and have worked for Sentara in Corporate Communications since 2002, doing health care public relations. I enjoy story telling and am honored to help share real patient experiences of exceptional care through traditional and now social media outlets. In my spare time, I enjoy gardening, blueberries, my family and good food.


Hurricane Season: Are you ready if the lights go out?

Virginia is smack dab in the middle of the Eastern Seaboard, an area often threatened by hurricanes. Are you ready, should a storm threaten our region? The time is right for planning. Virginians are offered a sales tax holiday May 25-May 31, 2014, in time to prepare for the Atlantic Hurricane season which starts June … Continue Reading


Masks Help Stop the Spread of Flu

Most flu this season is caused by the same virus that caused the 2009 H1N1 pandemic. And this year, we’re seeing some of the same groups not normally hit so hard by flu having severe complications. Pregnant women and middle-aged adults are some of the hardest hit this flu season. Regrettably, these groups also have … Continue Reading


Seeing is believing

Doctors are seeing more breast cancer than ever with new 3D mammography offered at Sentara Comprehensive Breast Centers. The innovative technology allows physicians to see the breast “layer by layer.” How it works It is well known that screening mammography saves lives. Although mammography has been the best tool we’ve had for decades to find … Continue Reading

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How music can improve our lives

Have you ever listened to music to improve your mood or step-up your exercise program?


The healing powers of music


Music Therapy offers promising option for stroke patients Sentara Neurologist and musician Kamal Chémali, M.D. knows first-hand the power of music. He has collaborated with Music Therapists to help stroke patients reactivate the language areas of their brains using Music Therapy. After just a few minutes, one patient who had difficulty saying a simple sentence … Continue Reading

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Recent news of double mastectomy brings many questions to surface


If you’ve learned about Angelina Jolie and her recent breast removal surgery, you may have a few questions. While only five to 10 percent of breast cancers are hereditary, a Sentara Cancer Network genetic counselor shares that it’s important to identify families with hereditary cancers. These can be breast cancers but also colon, pancreas, prostate … Continue Reading


Doctors at Sentara Heart Hospital study heart light


  Heart doctors at Sentara Heart Hospital can now look inside the beating hearts of patients involved in an investigational study. Researchers at Sentara Cardiovascular Research Institute are among 23 leading heart centers in the U.S. involved in a randomized clinical study to test a new device called HeartLight ®. The HeartLight Endoscopic Ablation System uses a laser to … Continue Reading


Heart smarts: Passing it on


Virginia Heart Doctor Trains Nationally Recognized Experts to Implant Device used to Prevent Sudden Cardiac Death A cardiologist and researcher with Sentara Cardiovascular Research Institute travels today to  top-ranked heart center Cleveland Clinic to train its doctors to implant a new defibrillator. As a top enrolling physician in the clinical research study that brought this new S-ICD … Continue Reading

Assortment of fruits and vegetables

Do you have trouble feeding your teen?


Feeding your teen healthy choices (or getting them to eat those options) can put any parent to the test. Many of us may not realize that what our teens or tweens eat today can affect their health as adults. Teens’ bodies are growing at incredible rates. On average during puberty teens will gain about 20 … Continue Reading


New tool helps roadmap body


Doctors at Sentara Norfolk General Hospital and Sentara Williamsburg Regional Medical Center are using new tool, similar your car’s GPS, to navigate the lungs of their patients. One morning, a 72-year-old woman went into a procedure room at Sentara Norfolk General Hospital. A spot on her lung, called a nodule was questionable and doctors wanted a closer … Continue Reading

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