Dale Gauding


I am a Corporate Communications Consultant for Sentara Healthcare. I worked in broadcast news for 28 years, and joined the Sentara Public Relations team in 2003. I work with the Sentara Cancer Network, Sentara Life Care, and the transplant program most often, and I’m an unabashed fan of the Nightingale Regional Air Ambulance. My work includes proactive communication through Sentara Today, social media, and other venues, print and broadcast media relations, and helping Sentara keep the public informed during hurricanes, snowstorms, and other challenging events.


World Cup Fever and Other Soccer Ailments

From Jozy Altidore’s strained hamstring to Clint Dempsey’s broken nose and other bumps and bruises, the US Men’s World Cup Team suffered injuries to key players so far in the World Cup. Soccer can be pretty rough on the body.  Below are some common soccer-related injuries that Scott Allyn, a certified athletic trainer for Sentara Sports Medicine … Continue Reading


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