I’ve worked in Corporate Communications at Sentara Healthcare for the past 25 years. I am the editor of the Sentara Today blog, working behind the scenes to capture inspiring stories about our employees and patients. Currently, I am also working on Sentara Nurse, a new blog we just launched. I’ve had the opportunity to be closely involved in helping preserve our organization’s historical archives. In my spare time, when I am not blogging, I enjoy spending time with my husband and three children, reading, cooking, and practicing yoga as often as I can.


Backpack 101: Fitting and safety precautions

The new school year is upon us, which means that many parents and students have already started their back-to-school shopping. In addition to the all important decision of what clothes to buy, one is also faced with the important decision of which backpack to buy. It is an important decision because, according to the American Physical … Continue Reading


Let’s Talk About ALS

By Andy Galbreath, DO Sentara Neurology Specialists and Sentara ALS Clinic This “Ice Bucket Challenge” has certainly brought awareness to amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), but how much do we really know about the disease? Let’s start by sharing what ALS is. Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease, is a progressive disease of … Continue Reading


Are vaccines safe?

By LaTonya Russell, MD Sentara Pediatric Physicians Vaccinations, like any other medications, may have side effects.  Fortunately, the most common side effects are non-life threatening and short-lived. Almost all vaccines can cause pain, redness or tenderness at the site of injection. These types of reactions typically resolve in the first 24-48 hours.   Some vaccines cause … Continue Reading


Vaccinations and your child

By LaTonya Russell, MD Sentara Pediatric Physicians So, you’ve had your precious little one, and there are lots and lots of questions. Fortunately, there are lots of answers for you, some good ones and some not so good ones. There is a lot of information easily accessible via the Internet. Although the Internet can be … Continue Reading


Dizziness and BPPV: What you should know


Have you ever felt like the room was spinning when you were standing still? Dizziness can be scary and sometimes easily written off as standing up too fast or feeling lightheaded. However, feeling dizzy can be the side effect of many things, and one treatable condition that may be responsible is BPPV. What is BPPV? BPPV stands for benign … Continue Reading


Don’t let ticks take a bite out of your summer


Summer is here and it’s time for some outdoor fun. But before you enjoy a long hike, embark on a family camping trip or even spend some time in your garden or yard, remember to protect yourself from ticks – and other unexpected guests that may be lurking outdoors! Ticks, in particular, can attach to any … Continue Reading


Could it be heat illness?


By Scott Allyn, Sentara Therapy Services Heat illness happens when your body becomes overheated and is not able to cool itself. Water is the key to the body’s cooling system. Sweat, produced on the skin, evaporates and cools the body down. In an ideal world, this happens very quickly. Factors like outdoor temperatures, humidity and … Continue Reading


Aquatics for arthritis


By Phyllis Tacik, LPTA            Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis. Many individuals are affected by it with varying degree of limitation. It is a chronic condition that causes the material which cushions your joints to break down. As a result your bones begin to rub together causing stiffness, … Continue Reading


What is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?


By: Mary T. Dobias, PT/CHT Do you wake up at night with your thumb, index, middle and/or radial half of the ring finger?  Are you finding that you are dropping objects? You may be experiencing symptoms related to compression of the median nerve at the wrist commonly known as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The median nerve … Continue Reading


Staying safe at home: Are you at risk for a fall?


Written by Rita Brereton, MPT The Centers for Disease Control report that one of every three adults, age 65 years or older, falls each year In the United States – 60 percent of those falls happen at home.  How do you know if you are at risk for serious injury from a fall? Ask yourself these questions: … Continue Reading

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