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The dreaded mammogram callback

By Belinda Risher RN, MS Sentara Cancer Network You just had your annual screening mammogram and checked off that box on your never ending list of things to do. Then, you get the dreaded phone call from your Breast Center. They need you back for additional imaging. Panic sets in. But what does being called back really … Continue Reading


Preventing osteoporosis

By Rita P. Smith, MS, RD, CDE We have 206 bones in our body and so it is really important to have those lifestyle habits that help protect your bones. Osteoporosis or porous bones puts you at risk for a fracture-the most common places for fractures are the hip, spine and wrist. Unfortunately, about 44 … Continue Reading


Mammograms 101: Your questions, answered

By Dr. Rebecca A. Zuurbier Sentara Radiology Specialists During Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the message is clear: Women should get mammograms to detect breast cancer. While many may know that mammograms are important, there are often many questions about the technology that isn’t always clear. Here are some commonly asked questions – and answers – … Continue Reading

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Reduce breast cancer risk via diet

By Rita P. Smith, MS, RD, CDE This month, we’ve seen pink ribbons out and about to remind us of breast cancer and that it’s a treatable, beatable cancer if detected in its earliest stages. The stats: There will be 233,000 new cases of invasive breast cancer this year, and 62,500 new cases of carcinoma situ, … Continue Reading


Let’s talk shoulder injury and repair


The shoulder is one of the body’s largest, most complex and most flexible joints. The shoulder is formed where the humerus (upper arm bone) meets the scapula (shoulder blade). The humerus fits loosely into the joint, allowing a wide range of motion, but also making the shoulder vulnerable to injury. Because it’s one of the … Continue Reading


Eat right and move along to keep your bones strong


By Dr. Wylie Lowery Family Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine of Northern Virginia As children, many of us were encouraged to eat certain foods because they would help make our bones strong. We were also probably cautioned from doing things that would cause them to break! However, children are not the only ones who need to … Continue Reading


Men can get breast cancer, too


By Dr. Negar Golesorkhi Sentara Surgery Specialists Breast cancer is mainly a disease for women, however less than 1 percent of breast cases occur in men. There has been a slight increase in incidence of male breast cancer in the past decades without any improvement on the overall survival, unlike their female counterparts. The same advances … Continue Reading


Breast cancer and lymphedema


By Brianna Simmons Sentara Therapy Services Lymphedema is swelling of the arm, breast, trunk or leg from an accumulation of lymph fluid due to a change in the lymphatic or vascular system. Women who have undergone treatment for breast cancer (including removal of lymph nodes, chemotherapy and radiation) are at particular risk for developing lymphedema with … Continue Reading


Five good reasons to get a mammogram


By Dr. Kelley Allison Sentara Cancer Network It is that time of year again when pink is everywhere, from illuminated buildings to NFL football teams to the countless walks and runs across America. And despite all the media attention surrounding Breast Cancer Awareness Month, women may be asking themselves, “Do I really need to have … Continue Reading


Your guide to a stronger and healthier back


By Dr. Raenell Williams Sentara Family Medicine Physicians Ever wonder where your strength really comes from? You probably think that it’s your arms – or maybe your legs. But, it’s actually your back! Your back stabilizes your body and is where the center of your strength originates. Unfortunately, though, chronic back pain is one of the … Continue Reading

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