Benefits of cooking with herbs

By Katie Abbott MS, RDN, HC Sentara Comprehensive Weight Loss Solutions The old saying, “variety is the spice of life” holds true for many aspects of life. While eating a variety of foods with lots of colors and flavors supports a healthy lifestyle, herbs are also a powerful tool to diversify your plate and palate. For … Continue Reading


Kids and Concussions

By Scott Allyn Sentara Therapy Services Between football, soccer, field hockey and gym class, there is a lot of fun and team building to be had now that kids are back to school. While your children may idolize those hard hits on the gridiron and big plays on the field by watching their favorite professional … Continue Reading

Assortment of fruits and vegetables

Up the veggies at each meal

By Rita P. Smith, MS, RD, CDE Vegetables should be the nutritional foundation to your family menus since they are jam-packed with vitamins (beta-carotene, vitamin C, and folic acid), minerals (potassium, iron, and calcium), disease-fighting phytochemicals and dietary fiber. And bonus – vegetables come with almost no sodium, fat or cholesterol and have very few … Continue Reading

Dr Agola-2

Pipeline device offers minimally invasive brain aneurysm treatment

It is estimated that 6 million people in the United States have an unruptured brain aneurysm – that’s 1 in 50 people. According to the Brain Aneurysm Foundation, a brain aneurysm ruptures every 18 minutes and 40% of these cases are fatal. Of those who survive, about 66 percent suffer some permanent neurological deficit. What is an aneurysm? … Continue Reading


Backpack 101: Fitting and safety precautions


The new school year is upon us, which means that many parents and students have already started their back-to-school shopping. In addition to the all important decision of what clothes to buy, one is also faced with the important decision of which backpack to buy. It is an important decision because, according to the American Physical … Continue Reading


Adults need vaccines, too


When it comes to getting vaccinated, it’s easy to think about childhood vaccinations, boosters and back-to-school shots. But little do adults realize that keeping their vaccinations current is a big part of staying healthy. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), tens of thousands of adults are hospitalized and even die as … Continue Reading


Let’s Talk About ALS


By Andy Galbreath, DO Sentara Neurology Specialists and Sentara ALS Clinic This “Ice Bucket Challenge” has certainly brought awareness to amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), but how much do we really know about the disease? Let’s start by sharing what ALS is. Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease, is a progressive disease of … Continue Reading


Are vaccines safe?


By LaTonya Russell, MD Sentara Pediatric Physicians Vaccinations, like any other medications, may have side effects.  Fortunately, the most common side effects are non-life threatening and short-lived. Almost all vaccines can cause pain, redness or tenderness at the site of injection. These types of reactions typically resolve in the first 24-48 hours.   Some vaccines cause … Continue Reading


Vaccinations and your child


By LaTonya Russell, MD Sentara Pediatric Physicians So, you’ve had your precious little one, and there are lots and lots of questions. Fortunately, there are lots of answers for you, some good ones and some not so good ones. There is a lot of information easily accessible via the Internet. Although the Internet can be … Continue Reading


Dizziness and BPPV: What you should know


Have you ever felt like the room was spinning when you were standing still? Dizziness can be scary and sometimes easily written off as standing up too fast or feeling lightheaded. However, feeling dizzy can be the side effect of many things, and one treatable condition that may be responsible is BPPV. What is BPPV? BPPV stands for benign … Continue Reading

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