healthy eating after the holidays

Weight Management After the Holidays

By Rita Smith Okay, the holidays are just about over, and whathave you been left with – maybe a few unwanted pounds? Well, not to despair. It’s back on track with healthy foods choices. A few days of overeating or eating higher-calorie foods does not make or break anything. Here are a few reminders to help … Continue Reading


Keep stress down during holiday travel

Written By Matthew S. Angelelli, MD The holiday season is all about joy and goodwill toward others, but it can also be the season of heavy traffic and bustling crowds. To get you through all those post-holiday trips to the mall and the long drive back from Grandma’s house, here are a few helpful tips to make … Continue Reading


Tips for a Less Stressful Holiday Season

Written By Matthew S. Angelelli, MD When stress is at its peak, it’s hard to stop and regroup. That’s why trying to prevent stress and depression in the first place is key, especially if the holidays have taken an emotional toll on you in the past. Here are some tips to help you find balance this … Continue Reading


Healthier Holidays

By Rita Smith Do you find yourself at holiday parties, struggling to make reasonable food choices at the buffet table? It can be very difficult to resist the many holiday food temptations that are all around us. Well, if you would like to NOT gain the usual holiday pounds, here are a few calorie-saving tips. Eat … Continue Reading


Holiday gatherings may stir Alzheimer’s concerns


 Know the Warning Signs of Alzheimer’s Disease By Melissa Hunter, Psy.D. & Bethany Gilstrap, Psy.D. The holiday season is a time families gather and spend quality time with loved ones. It is also a time that can raise questions about the cognitive health of aging family members. With Alzheimer’s disease in particular, it is important … Continue Reading


Your Rx for safety


How a spoonful of caution makes the medicine go down We all know that prescription medicines are meant to be taken only when truly needed and under a healthcare provider’s guidance. We must also consider so much more when taking medicine – so that it works for us instead of harming us. Today one of … Continue Reading


Seeing is believing


Doctors are seeing more breast cancer than ever with new 3D mammography offered at Sentara Comprehensive Breast Centers. The innovative technology allows physicians to see the breast “layer by layer.” How it works It is well known that screening mammography saves lives. Although mammography has been the best tool we’ve had for decades to find … Continue Reading

weight loss

Getting back on track after Thanksgiving


Health tip: The day after Thanksgiving, get right back into an eating schedule. Eat three meals. Eat breakfast within one hour of getting up. Eat dinner no closer than four hours to bedtime. The good news is that one big holiday meal will not do you in if you eat sensibly and exercise regularly the … Continue Reading

Sentara Healthcare 125 year anniversary

Celebrating the Past, Creating the Future, Improving Health Every Day


Sentara Healthcare Milestone Anniversary 125 Years In honor of Sentara Healthcare’s 125th anniversary we’ve created a video, along with a historical book which are both dedicated to the patients who have entrusted us with their care and to the Sentara Healthcare staff, physicians, volunteers and community members – past, present and future. The video, along … Continue Reading


Healthy Thanksgiving Dinner Ideas


Thanksgiving is this week, and that means family time and the use of family favorite recipes. There are so many easy ways to slightly adjust your holiday recipes to be a bit healthier – perhaps lightened up the sodium or sugar content, for example. And this can help you enjoy the holidays with good blood … Continue Reading

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